Helen Star knows things about you

Helen is the seventh child born into a family with a long tradition of psychic abilities, and is in possession of a startlingly beautiful pair of blue eyes which are enough to throw anyone off upon a first meeting.

Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, to say you have had the experience is as important as anything else.

But Helen wouldn’t say she tells fortunes so much as she gives guidance to people who need it. And maybe one of the most interesting things about her is her ability to pick up on possible problems your body might be giving you.

Apparently I have a bit of acid on my stomach and a pair of dodgy knees which will act up in later life!

With her ancestry in Romany Gypsies, you could almost say she was born to do this.

“I have brothers and sisters who wouldn’t be able to do what I do,” explained Helen. “I’m the seventh child and both my mother and grandmother would have a natural gift, too, it goes back generations in our family”

However, despite her mother and grandmother’s years of experience, Helen has never had a reading from them.

“You are not allowed to read a family member’s palms, it is very bad luck for them and you,” she said.

Using her grandmother’s crystal ball, Helen quickly dismisses my fantasy that the ball holds magical powers. She sympathetically shoots down my belief that by me putting my hands over the ball she can see images of all the fantastic things to come in my future!

“Ha! No! The crystal ball just magnifies the finer lines on your hands, which allows me to give you a better reading. The hands hold your life story.”

Helen’s natural gift has allowed her to help many people over the years but has also led to her facing difficult situations.

“There are times when I can’t do a reading for someone. Sometimes you can see darkness around them and you have to turn people away, that is upsetting.”

Giving an example of such an occasion, Helen tells the story of a young man from Carlow town who arrived to have a reading.

“I was watching him get off his motorbike and there was just this black cloak around him and I knew I couldn’t see a future for him but I warned him to please take care of himself.

“Then the next day I heard he had been killed in an accident with his bike that night. I can’t prevent things like that happening to people and I have to be responsible with what I tell people. It can be a burden at times.”

Helen doesn’t use tarot cards and says that people can easily learn how to read them but she does ask people to choose an angel card at the end of their reading, which she says helps to make your wishes come true.

On the subject of horoscopes she says that she does believe in them, especially personality types, but wouldn’t hold much hope on the ones in the newspapers and magazines.

Along with her private work and her advice giving service, Helen does a lot of charity reading for places like the Delta Centre and local hospitals at fundraisers, saying that it is simply her way of giving something back.

“If someone is in dire straits and really needs my help then I have often done readings for free, it is not all about money grabbing, all I tell them is to just light a candle in return for me.”

From Nationalist Written by Mairead Wilmot

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